We provide mobile and web applications that utilize AI and data aggregation to improve airline and airport operations.





  • Mobile App access

  • Real-time arrival and departure flight status data

  • Group messaging

  • Nearby airport specific group communication


Premium Version

  • Mobile App and Responsive Dashboard access

  • Machine learning capabilities to predict flight delays

  • Real-time arrival and departure flight status data

  • Group messaging

  • Access to all airports' group communication

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Airport Wi-Fi API

  • Streamlines data of airport's internal systems

  • Comes with front-end integration for API endpoints

  • Increases customer enrollment in airport's rewards programs

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Flight Prediction API

  • Utilizing data from public APIs, ML models are generated and called to predict flight delays

  • Our data science team analyzes the relationship between different causes that attribute to plane delays

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Radio Transcript API

  • We aggregate radio waves and convert them to text 

  • Using AI, we analyze different transcripts to perform sentiment and topic analysis to determine the cause of delays at different airports

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We analyze the flight operational data of more than 200 airlines and airports.

Patent Pending Technology

• Our device aggregates different signals and converts them into text


• With this data, we use AI to group and segment the messages to solve delay problems to help improve operations

• We can segment the data by airports and separate the transcripts by different times





• Flight plans that are created by the dispatcher to indicate a plane’s flight path and ETA constantly change due to irregular operations which increase airline’s labor and fuel.

• US carriers spend a combine $6-$15 billion on jet fuel and labor a month

• With just a 10% increase in production using improved technology, airlines can save $600M - $1.5B a month


• Airports make about $10B and more than 40% comes from passengers

• Due to flight delays and cancellations, airports lose money due to lack of efficiency and a decrease in travelers

• Our technology analyzes communications between air traffic and ground operators

• With analysis and improved data analytics, airports can improve to increase passenger foot traffic and overall revenue by at least 10%.


• Customers want to understand the causes of delays and irregular operations

• Airline and airport customer satisfaction and NPS scores decrease when flights are delayed and cancelled

• Travel companies are competing to be the first to provide customers with as much as travel information as possible

• Our APIs provide travel companies with the details of airline operations to explain the cause of delays






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